August 2022

Image by Rodean Kutsaev

Recent fiction

By Max Blue

Recent Fiction

by Wood Reede

Recent nonfiction

By Isabella Welch

Inside the dollhouse I play human,

prop the tiny woman in a brown floral

dress against the fragmented rectangle

of window light. Inside the dollhouse,

it’s intimate as a minefield. Inside

the dollhouse, linoleum flowers burst

alongside the tiny man who is passed-

out drunk in the kitchen again,

intoxicated with the pleasure and woe

of real-life—the woman gently treading

around his resting body preparing lunch.

My mother can’t cook a lick. It was

my father who primed her for cooking.

I wonder if that’s what lasting is about:

priming. The small woman lives in this

house with her forever-husband, barely

stirring. The two appear almost identical

in their soft tan attire. And I don’t

understand who does what or why

but when they dance in the dusky living

area, the old woman leads. I am seven

and already confused about gender

roles. I am confused about forever too.

Recent fiction

By Ilya Leybovich


In the Dollhouse

By Hollie Dugas

Recent Nonfiction

Why Joy?

by Adrienne Ross Scanlan

Recent Nonfiction

By Matt Tompkins

From The Archives

by Katie Battaglino


The Krishnachura Tree

By Mukut Borpujari

My neighbor had decided to chop the Krishnachura tree.

He is right, of course; the tree is over 20 years old

huge, sprawling

and spreading over the jagged road

like a giant umbrella.

It’s clearly a danger

tilting to the side of the house —

some feeble wind

my neighbor said could uproot it.


Every year, it sent out its bursts of orange blossoms;

blooms and blooms

blooms relentlessly;

threw shooting flames out into the sky

more stunning than fireworks on new year's eve.